Last Updated :2019/07/04

Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences(Health Sciences), ., Assistant Professor

Basic Information

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Hiroshima University

Research Fields

  • Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy;Nursing;Gerontological nursing

Research Keywords

  • Dementia care, caregiver support

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2019, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Clinical Practice in Fundamental Nursing Care I
  2. 2019, Undergraduate Education, 1Term, Practice in Gerontological Nursing
  3. 2019, Undergraduate Education, 2Term, Principles of Geriatric Nursing
  4. 2019, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Disease Management in Gerontological Nursing
  5. 2019, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Clinical Practice in Geriatric Nursing
  6. 2019, Undergraduate Education, Year, Graduate thesis

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. A Response to Prevalence, Severity and Correlates of Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression at the Very End of Life, J Pain Symptom Manage, 2019,6,4
  2. Reply to Barriers and facilitators of adherence to a perioperative physical activity intervention for older adults with cancer and their family caregivers, Journal of Geriatric Oncology, (in press)
  3. Response to Factors associated with long-term impact on informal caregivers during Alzheimer's disease dementia progression: 36-month results from GERAS, International Psychogeriatrics, (in press)
  4. Letter by Zhou et al Regarding Article, Caregiver-Delivered Stroke Rehabilitation in Rural China, STROKE, (in press)
  5. Response to "The hand-held fan and the Calming Hand for people with chronic breathlessness: a feasibility trial", J Pain Symptom Manage, 20190320
  6. The relationship between caregiver burden and caregiver pulse rate measured using a wristwatch-type pulsimeter with accelerometer in home-based family caregivers for persons with dementia : Pilot study, Psychogeratrics, 19(1), 83-84, 20180828
  7. Changes in caregiving appraisal among family caregivers of persons with dementia: A longitudinal study over 12 months, Psychogeratrics, 20180801
  8. A prompt and practical on-site support programme for family caregivers of persons with dementia: a preliminary uncontrolled interventional study, Psychogeriatrics, 20180923
  9. Positive appraisal of in-home family caregivers of dementia patients as an influence on the continuation of caregiving, Psychogeriatrics, 15(1), 26-31, 201503
  10. The effects of onsite prompt support for the caregiver burden for family caregivers of persons with dementia, Journal of Japanese Society for Dementia Care, 17(4), 718-725, 20190120
  11. A study on positive appraisal and characteristics of caregivers of elderly with dementia, The Japanese Society for Dementia Care, 11(2), 487-495, 201207
  12. Relationship between Characteristics and Length of Hospitalization of Patient Emergency Hospitalized for Cranial Nerve Disease, Journal of Japan Academy of Critical Care Nursing, 7(3), 35-42, 201109
  13. Positive Appraisal Reduces Caregiver Burden among In-Home Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia in Japan, Japanese Journal of International Nursing Care Research, 17(2), 61-68, 20180520

Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. The relations among physical sensations, body functions, and fall history elderly living at home, Hiroko Noto,Satoshi Muraki,Kohei Kajiwara, The 2nd Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design, 2017/06/03, Without Invitation, Japan
  2. Trends of Care Giving for the Dementia Patients in Japan, Kohei Kajiwara, Visiting Professor Series seminar, 2017/03/10, Without Invitation, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience

External Funds

Acceptance Results of Competitive Funds

  1. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Time depend changes in caregivers attitudes towards the care of home based elderly persons with dementia, 2014, 2016
  2. 2016, 2018
  3. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Developing a support program for family caregivers providing at-home care for patients with dementia, 2012, 2014

Social Activities

Other Social Contributions

  1. Visiting Professor Series seminar, Trends of Care Giving for the Dementia Patients in Japan, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, Visiting Professor Series seminar, 2017/03/10, 2017/03/10, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience