Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars in Hiroshima University

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars in Hiroshima University is a database intended to provide information on education and research activities of Hiroshima University researchers.
We hope this database will help you in a range of areas such as education, research, social activities, etc., as a bridge between you and Hiroshima University researchers.
The data is based on entry of researcher themselves and does not carry exhaustive information on all achievements/records/performances.

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Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Graduate School of Letters

Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education Research Institute of Early Childhood Education

Graduate School of Education Center for School Education Research and Development

Graduate School of Education Training and Research Center for Clinical Psychology

Graduate School of Education Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Graduate School of Social Sciences Center for Research on Regional Economic Systems

Graduate School of Science

Graduate School of Science Marine Biological Laboratory

Graduate School of Science Miyajima Natural Botanical Garden

Graduate School of Science Laboratory of Plant Chromosome and Gene Stock

Graduate School of Science Institute for Interdisciplinary Science

Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter

Graduate School of Biosphere Science

Graduate School of Biosphere Science Setouchi Field Science Center

Training Ship “Toyoshiomaru”

Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation

Hiroshima University Law School

Faculty of Engineering

Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences(Biomedical Sciences Major)

Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences(Oral Health Sciences Major)

Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences(Medicinal Sciences Major)

Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences(Health Sciences Major)

Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine

Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine Division of Radiation information registry

Hiroshima University Hospital(Medical)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Dental)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Laboratory Medicine)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Surgical Services)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Clinical Radiology)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Blood Transfusion)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Center)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Surgical Intensive Care Unit)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Medical Informatics and Systems Management)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Center for Maternal-Fetal/Neonatal Medicine)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Clinical Research)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Center for Integrated Medical Research)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Special Dental Treatment)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Regional Support Dental Clinic)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Pharmaceutical Services)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Anatomical Pathology)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Rehabilitation Medicine)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Endoscopy)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Blood Purification)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Patient Support Center)

Hiroshima University Hospital(Future Medical Center)

Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center

Research Institute for Nanodevice and Bio Systems

Research Institute for Higher Education

Information Media Center

Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development

International Center

Center for Collaborative Research & Community Cooperation

Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education

Health Service Center

Institute for Peace Science

Environmental Research and Management Center

Hiroshima University Museum

Beijing Research Center

Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center

Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education

Hiroshima University Archives

HiSIM Research Center

Institute for Advanced Materials Research

The Center for Contemporary India Studies at Hiroshima University

Research Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Institute for Amphibian Biology

Harassment Consultation Office

Education Office

Admissions Center

Global Career Design Center

Accessibility Center

Academic Office

Hiroshima University

Office of the President

Financial and General Affairs Office Department of Financial and General Affairs General Affairs Group

Medical Policy Office

Medical Policy Office Radiation Emergency Medicine Promotion Center

Office ofIndustry-Academia-Government and Community Collaboration

Financial and General Affairs Office

International Office

Headquarters for Education

The Institute for Sustainable Sciences and Development

The Editorial Office for The 75-Year History of Hiroshima University