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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Assistant Professor
My research interests center around the application of remote sensing and geospatial big data, with a focus on integration and dissemination, to address climate change-induced challenges, and work toward energy transition and natural-based mitigation pathways. My current research work includes applying machine learning in climate change action that supports new energy transportation and autonomous driving planning.

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2021/04, Hiroshima University, Assistant Professor
  • 2020/04, 2021/03, University of Pennsylvania, CM2 project, Research fellow
  • 2019/07, 2020/03, University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Researcher
  • 2017/07, 2019/10, Tsinghua University, Postdoc

Academic Degrees

  • Beijing Normal University

Research Keywords

  • Remote Sensing, Global Environmental Change, GIS, Machine Learning, Sustainable Energy

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 4Term, Natural Disasters and Society I
  2. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 4Term, Natural Disasters and Society II
  3. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 3Term, Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program Common Subjects 1 (Smart Development)
  4. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Intensive, Geographic Information System Technology

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. ★, Quantitative Attribution Framework for Urban Air Pollutant: Investigating Policy Impact on NO2 Emissions of Megacities in China and Japan, Sustainable Cities and Society, 20230925
  2. ★, Quantifying the Effects of Different Containment Policies on Urban NO2 Decline: Evidence From Remote Sensing Integrated With Ground-Station Data, Remote Sensing, 20230213
  3. ★, Mapping the dynamics of electric vehicle charging demand within Beijing's spatial structure, Sustainable Cities and Society, 76, 103507, 20220101
  4. ★, Are Electric Vehicles Reshaping the City? An Investigation of the Clustering of Electric Vehicle Owners' Dwellings and Their Interaction with Urban Spaces, ISPRS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEO-INFORMATION, 10(5), 20210510
  5. ★, An Accurate and Automated Method for Identifying and Mapping Exposed Rock Outcrop in Antarctica Using Landsat 8 Images, 11(1), 20171024
  6. ★, An improved Convolutional Neural Network for Monocular Depth Estimation, Green, Smart and Connected Transportation Systems, 1229-1237, 20200324
  7. ★, An automatic method for water extraction from high spatial resolution GF-1 imagery based on a deep learning algorithm, DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering, 20191209
  8. Measuring Functional Urban Shrinkage with Multi-Source Geospatial Big Data: A Case Study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Megaregion, Remote Sensing, 12(16), 20200805
  9. ★, AntarcticaLC2000: The new Antarctic land cover database for the year 2000, Science China Earth Sciences, 20170210
  10. Aerial photography based estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from penguins in Victoria Land, Antarctica, Science Bulletin, 20160928
  11. What should be computed for supporting post pandemic recovery policymaking? A life oriented perspective, Computational Urban Science, 202111
  12. Review of the NASA IceBridge mission: Progress and prospects, National Remote Sensing Bulletin, 201307
  13. Aerial photography based census of Adelie penguin and its application in CH4 and N2O budget estimation in Victoria Land, Antarctic, Scientific Reports, 7(1), 1-11, 2017
  14. Monitoring the Amery Ice Shelf front during 2004–2012 using ENVISAT ASAR data, Advances in Polar Science, 2013
  15. The slow-growing tooth of the Amery Ice Shelf from 2004 to 2012, Journal of Glaciology, 2013
  16. ★, Shadow Detection Method of Landsat8 Satellite Imagery in Antarctic Region, Journal of Beijing Normal University (Natural Science), 2017
  17. Emergency monitoring of ice conditions on the route of Antarctic expedition snow dragon ship based on multi-temporal satellite remote sensing data, The 28th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Meteorological Society, 2011

Publications such as books

  1. Transportation Amid Pandemics, 2022, 08, Scholarly Book, Contributor, English, Big Data Technologies
  2. 2020/11, High-Resolution Remote Sensing Mapping Of Antarctica,, China Ocean Press, 2020, 11, Scholarly Book, Joint work, Chinese

Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. Assessing the Effects of Electric Vehicle Adoption on Urban Energy Structure Transition: A Geospatial Machine Learning Study in Beijing, Jing Kang, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 2023/04/25, Without Invitation, English
  2. Increasing Risks to China's Coastal Cities with its Expansion to Low lying seaward to Rising Sea Level, Jing Kang, European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 2014/04/29, Without Invitation, English, published
  3. Vulnerability of Islands to Increasing Sea Level Rise in Zhoushan China, Jing Kang, American Geography Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, USA, 2012/12/05, Without Invitation, English
  4. Spatial analysis of EV users' demands for public infrastructure in the context of COVID-19, based on multi-source big data integration, Jing Kang, Applied Urban Models 2022, 2022/07/01, Without Invitation, English, University of Cambridge, UK
  5. Will EV Mobility Drive People Live Beyond the City? Evidence from Individual Smartphone Data Collection and Mining, Case Study in Beijing, China, 6, 3, the 14th International Association for China Planning (IACP) Conference Urban Innovations in the New Planning Context, 2020/12/09, With Invitation, English
  6. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) embedded in GNSS location for safety and early warning service, based on Transportation Operation Vehicles Networking Control data platform in China, Jing Kang, Advanced Transportation Technology Seminar, 2018/09/05, Without Invitation, English, Arctic Research Center, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
  7. China Transportation Information System: Platform and Big Data Application, Integrated with Remote Sensing, Jing Kang, Marine Transport Seminar, 2018/09/01, Without Invitation, English, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

Social Activities

History as Peer Reviews of Academic Papers

  1. 2023, Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 1
  2. 2023, Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 1
  3. 2022, Sustainable Cities and Society, 2