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Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Assistant Professor
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1-4-4,Kagamiyama,Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan, Japan
TEL : (+81)+81)7044970 FAX : (+81)
My main research targets Cephalopods (squids and octopuses). I use traditional DNA markers and Next Generation Sequencing for Fisheries stocks identification, species biodiversity, and evolution.

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2019/04/01, 2022/03/31, Hiroshima University, Program of Food and Life Science, Assistant Professor

Educational Backgrounds

  • Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Biosphere Science, PhD, Japan, 2016/04/01, 2019/03/23
  • Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Master, Japan, 2014/04/01, 2016/03/23
  • National University of San Marcos, Faculty of Biological Science, Bachellor, Peru, 2007/04/01, 2012/03/28

Academic Degrees

  • Master of Science, Hiroshima University
  • Hiroshima University

Research Fields

  • Agricultural sciences;Applied aquatic science;Aquatic bioproduction science
  • Biology;Basic biology;Evolutionary biology
  • Biology;Basic biology;Biodiversity / Systematics

Research Keywords

  • cephalopods, squid, octopus, population genetics, DNA barcoding, phylogeny

Affiliated Academic Societies

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2021, Undergraduate Education, 1Term, Exercises in Integrative Hydrospheric ScienceII
  2. 2021, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, (AIMS) Fish Production
  3. 2021, Undergraduate Education, 3Term, Fish Production

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Infestation of the Parasitic Isopod Mothocya parvostis on Juveniles of the Black Sea Bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii as an Optional Intermediate Host in Hiroshima Bay, Zoological Science, 37(6), 202010
  2. Patterns of mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA markers describe historical and contemporary dynamics of the Humboldt squid Dosidicus gigas in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 1-15, 20200625
  3. Estimating the spawning season of black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii in Hiroshima Bay, Japan, from temporal variation in egg density, Fisheries Science, 1-9, 20200616
  4. Morphological Variation of the Sea Silverside Odontesthes regia in Regions with Dissimilar Upwelling Intensity along the Humboldt Current System, Ocean Science Journal, 55(1), 33-48, 20200410
  5. New bobtail squid (Sepiolidae: Sepiolinae) from the Ryukyu islands revealed by molecular and morphological analysis, COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY, 2, 20191211
  6. Contribution of Sepioteuthis sp. 1 and Sepioteuthis sp. 2 to oval squid fishery stocks in western Japan, Fisheries science, 20160701
  7. ★, Population genetics of the jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in the northern Humboldt Current system based on mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA markers, Fisheries Research, 20160301
  8. ★, Genus-level phylogeny of cephalopods using molecular markers: current status and problematic areas, PeerJ, 20180212
  9. Evaluation of the 5 end of the 16S rRNA gene as a DNA barcode marker for the Cephalopoda, Fisheries Science, 20160301
  10. Microsatellite DNA variation of oval squid Sepioteuthis sp. 2 reveals a single fishery stock on the coastline of mainland Japan, Fisheries Science, 20150901

Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. Evolution of bobtail and bottletail squids using genome skimming, Internal Meeting, OIST, With Invitation, English
  2. Towards an eDNA assay for decapodiform cephalopods,, DNAQua-net International Conference, 2021/03/09, Without Invitation, English
  3. Biodiversity of bobtail squids from the Ryukyu Archipelago, 2021/02/03, Without Invitation, English, The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers
  4. Genome skimming clarifies the evolutionary relationship of bobtail squid, 2020/09/17, Without Invitation, English, The Association for Cephalopod Research, CephRes, Online
  5. The role of genetics in Fisheries Sustainability: a study on cephalopods, International Symposium on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 2019/09, With Invitation, English
  6. DNA markers suggest a single panmictic population of the Humboldt squid Dosidicus gigas inhabiting the north and south hemispheres, Squid and Octopus study group, 2019/07, Without Invitation


  1. 2018/03/23, Hiroshima University President's Award, Hiroshima University
  2. 2019/07/31, 2019 Prize in Life Sciences & Medicine, The Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation

External Funds

Acceptance Results of Competitive Funds

  1. Population Genetics of Dosidicus gigas, 1020/20, 1020/21

Social Activities

History as Peer Reviews of Academic Papers

  1. 2020, Scientific Reports, Others
  2. 2020, Frontiers in Marine Science
  3. 2020, Frontiers in Marine Science, Others
  4. 2019, Hydrobiologia, Others
  5. 2019, Review for Journal of Applied Ichthyology, Others
  6. 2019, Frontiers in Marine Science, Others