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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Assistant Professor

Basic Information

Academic Degrees

  • Doshisha University
  • Doshisha University

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2022, Undergraduate Education, 1Term, Exercises in Mathematics for Computation A

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Species-specific control of acoustic gaze by echolocating bats, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon and Pipistrellus abramus, during flight, Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 202(11), 791-801, 2016
  2. Modulation of acoustic navigation behaviour by spatial learning in the echolocating bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon, Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-15, 2020
  3. 3D Acoustic Localization Based on Echolocation Strategy of Bats, Proceedings of 2020 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII), 2020
  4. ★, Ultrasound navigation based on minimally designed vehicle inspired by the bio-sonar strategy of bats, Advanced Robotics, 33(3-4), 169-182, 2019
  5. Practical and Numerical Investigation on a Minimal Design Navigation System of Bats, Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions: Understanding Humans, 296-315, 2018
  6. Obstacle-Avoidance Navigation by an Autonomous Vehicle Inspired by a Bat Biosonar Strategy, BIOMIMETIC AND BIOHYBRID SYSTEMS, 2015
  7. Nonlinear Dynamics in Free Flight of an Echolocating Bat, Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, 313-328, 2015
  8. STEFTR: A Hybrid Versatile Method for State Estimation and Feature Extraction From the Trajectory of Animal Behavior, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13, 2019
  9. Adaptive beam-width control of echolocation sounds by CF–FM bats, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon, during prey-capture flight, J. Exp. Biol, 216(7), 1210-1218, 2013
  10. Investigation of acoustic gaze strategy by pipistrellus abramus and rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon during obstacle avoidance flight, Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, 19, 1-9, 2013

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  1. 2019, 2022