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大学院先進理工系科学研究科 助教
Dr. Rong Shang was born in China. She obtained her B.Sc. (1st Class Hons) from University of Canterbury in New Zealand in 2007. Supported by an international Ph.D. student scholarship, she then joined the laboratory of Prof. Anthony F. Hill at the Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University (Canberra, Australia), working on main-group element substituted group 6 carbyne complexes. In 2011, she took on a ERC post-doctoral research fellowship in Prof. Holger Braunschweig's group at the University of Würzburg (Germany), working on the reactivity of transition metal borylene complexes. Since 2015, she has been an Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University. She received tenure in 2019. Her research interests lie in the areas of main-group and organometallic chemistry, speicalizing in structure, bonding and reactivity studies.



  • 2015年03月01日, 2020年03月31日, 広島大学, 大学院理学研究科, 助教
  • 2011年09月01日, University of Wurzburg, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Post-doctoral Research Fellow


  • オーストラリア国立大学, 大学院数理科学研究科, 化学専攻, オーストラリア, 2011年
  • University of Canterbury, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, 化学, ニュージーランド, 2007年12月





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  4. 2022年, 学部専門, セメスター(前期), 化学英語演習
  5. 2022年, 学部専門, セメスター(後期), 化学英語演習
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