Last Updated :2019/10/07

Affiliations, Positions
Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, ., Assistant Professor
I'm origibally from Osaka. My major was particle physics in a graduate school. Now I've just started doing researches related to radiation protection because I want to get involved in lives of people and sciety directly. I want to work not only for research but also for risk comunication.

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2016, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Medicine, Crinical Biostatistics Course, Assistant Teaching Staff

Educational Backgrounds

  • Kyoto University, Faculty of Science, Physics, 2004, 2008
  • University of Tokyo, School of Science, Physics, 2009, 2011
  • Kyoto University, Graduate School of Science, Physics and Astronomy, 2012, 2016

Academic Degrees

  • The University of Tokyo

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Investigation of the applicability of the ESR nail dosimetry for assessment of accidental exposure in medical facilities, RADIATION MEASUREMENTS, 124, 91-97, 201905
  2. Development of a reusable PVA-GTA-I gel dosimeter for 3D radiation dose assessments, Journal of Physics:Conference Series, 1305(1)

Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. The development of ESR dosimetry using human hair, S.Hirota, C. Gonzales, H. Yasuda, International workshop on the biological effects of radiation, 2018/03/19, Without Invitation, Osaka
  2. Evacuation guiding system and dose evaluation network in marine area, S.Hirota, H.Yasuda, 5th Asian & Oceanic IRPA Congress on Radiation Protection, 2018/05/20, Without Invitation, IRPA, Melbourne
  3. Development of dosimeter for monitoring system in coastal area of Seto-inland sea, H. Yasuda, 51th Annual Meeting of Japan Health Physics Society, 2018/06/28, Without Invitation, Sapporo
  4. Dose evaluation network in marine area, H.Yasuda, 2018/03/06, Without Invitation, Fukushima
  5. Fingernail Dosimetry, 2019/08/02, Without Invitation
  6. The radiation monitoring network system in coastal area, Seiko Hirota, Hiroshi Yasuda, SnT 2019, 2019/06/24, Without Invitation, CTBTO, Vienna

Social Activities

Organizing Academic Conferences, etc.

  1. Solid State Dosimetry 19, Local Organize Committee, 2017/12, 2019/12
  2. The 7th Marko Moscovitch School, LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, 2017/12, 2019/12