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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, ., Associate Professor

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 1998/12, 2001/12, Kobe University, Research Associate
  • 2002/04, 2005/03, Niigata University of International and Information Studies, Lecturer
  • 2005/04, 2007/03, Niigata University of International and Information Studies, Associate Professor
  • 2009/10/01, Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor

Educational Backgrounds

  • Kobe University, Japan, 1994/04, 1998/03
  • University of Tsukuba, Japan, 1991/04, 1994/03
  • International Christian University, Japan, 1987/04, 1991/03

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Letters, Kobe University
  • Master, University of Tsukuba

Educational Activity

  • School of Integrated Arts and Sciences:Department of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences:Integrated Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences:Integrated Arts and Sciences

In Charge of Primary Major Programs

  • Integrated Arts and Sciences

Research Fields

  • Humanities;Cultural anthropology;Cultural anthropology
  • Humanities;Philosophy;Area studies
  • Social sciences;Sociology;Sociology

Research Keywords

  • migration
  • transnationalism
  • Philippines
  • 1.5 generation
  • masculinity
  • Italy
  • family
  • kinship
  • marriage migration
  • housing policy

Affiliated Academic Societies

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2018, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 2Term, Cultural AnthropologyA
  2. 2018, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 4Term, Cultural AnthropologyB
  3. 2018, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 3Term, Cultural Anthropology
  4. 2018, Undergraduate Education, Academic Year, Research Tutorial A
  5. 2018, Undergraduate Education, 2Term, Ecological and Social Anthropology
  6. 2018, Undergraduate Education, 3Term, Seminar in Ecological and Social Anthropology
  7. 2018, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , First Semester, Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences
  8. 2018, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Second Semester, Seminar in Integrated Arts and Sciences
  9. 2018, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Social Anthropology

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Commemoration of Deceased Kin in Lowland Christian Filipino Society : A Case from Rural Villages in the Ilocos Region, 86-108, 2012
  2. "Formation of Ethnic Business Niche by Migrants in Cities: An Ethnographic Approach to the Small-Scale Die Cutting Factories in Metro Manila, Philippines", Intercultural: Annual Review of the Japan Society for Intercultural Studies, 6, 111-130, 2008
  3. "Cellular Phones and Filipino Transnational Social Fields", Pilipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies, 40, 44-54, 2003
  4. "Children of Migrants in the Homeland: Family Networks in Migration from the Philippines to Italy", The Japanese Journal of Ethnology, 66(1), 24-68, 20010601
  5. "Kinship Networks and Child Fostering in Labor Migration from Ilocos, Philippines to Italy", Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 7(1), 67-92, 19980101
  6. "A History of the Smallest Local Government Unit, Barangay, in the Philippines: A perspective of Community Study in the Philippines", Sociological Review of Kobe University, 15, 88-106, 1998

Publications such as books

  1. 2015, Mobile Childhoods in Filipino Transnational Families: Migrant Children with Similar Roots in Different Routes, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, 10, English, 9781137515131, 288
  2. 2015, Southeast Asian Migration: People on the Move in Search of Work, Refuge, and Belonging, "Growing up in a Transnational Family: Experiences of Family Separation and Reunification of Filipino Migrants' Children in Italy", Sussex Academic Press, 2015
  3. 2013, Sociology of "Local Worlds" in East Asia, "Growth of Overseas Migration and Changes in the Local Worlds: A Case Study of Rural Villages in Ilocos", Koyo Syobo, 2013
  4. 2011, Glocalization and Cross-border Migration, "1.5 Generation Filipinos: A Note towards a Comparative Study on People Who Migrated during Childhood", Glocal Studies Center, Seijyo University, 2011
  5. 2009/02, Ethnography of Filipino transnational villagers, Akashi, 2009, 02, 450
  6. 2009, Urbanization and Formation of Ethnicity in Southeast Asia, "Contemporary Rural-Urban Linkages: A Case from the Philippines", New Day Publishers, 2009
  7. 2007, The Social Construction and Usage of Communication Technologies: Asian and European Experiences, "Cellphones in the Rural Philippines", University of the Philippine Press, 2007
  8. 2003, Post Colonialism and Local Politics in Southeast Asia, "Festivity, Overseas Migration, and Local Politics: Transformation of the Town Fiestas in Ilocos, Philippines", New Day Publishers
  9. 2003, Japanese in Foreign Countries and Foreigners in Japan, "Kinship Networks in Migration: A Case Study of Migration from the Philippines to Italy", 2003
  10. 2000, Building Local Democracy., “Community-Based Organization in the Philippines.”, Jichitai Kenkyusya

Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. Divergent routes and partial citizenship: A comparative analysis of child migrants with Filipino backgrounds in Italy and Japan, Itaru Nagasaka, International Symposium on Partial Citizenship of Family Migrants, 2016/10/01, With Invitation, ILCAA Joint Research Project "Child Migration in Asia", Rikkyo University, Japan
  2. Morality, Expectations and Negotiations: Contextualizing the Conditional Cash Transfer Program in the Philippines, Itaru Nagasaka, 10th International Conference on Philippine Studies, 2016/07/08, Without Invitation, Silliman University, Philippines
  3. Why and how do we focus on migrant children and youth? : From the experience of collaborative research on Filipino migrant children and youth, Itaru Nagasaka, Children on the Move: Migrant Children and Youth In Asia, 2016/06/10, With Invitation, Kyoto University, Japan
  4. Educational Support to Children of Migrants in Industrial Cities: The Case of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, Japan, Itaru Nagasaka and Sachi Takahata, International Forum Do Migration and Integration Policies Consider Children? :A Mapping of Initiatives in South Korea, Japan and the Philippines, 2016/05/18, With Invitation, International Organization for Migration, Migration Research & Training Centre, IOM MRTC, Goyang City, Korea
  5. Children living with “global care chains”: Family separation and reunification of Filipino young immigrants in Italy, Itaru Nagasaka, Networking Southeast Asia, Kore and Japan: Facing Urgent and Fundamental Issues, 2016/03/19, With Invitation, Kyoto University
  6. Imagining Life outside Place of Settlement: Self-making Processes of Young Filipino Immigrants in Italy, Nagasaka, Itaru, 114th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 2015/11/20, Without Invitation, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, US
  7. Immigrating into a segregated social space: Migratory experiences of 1.5-generation Filipinos in Italy, Itaru Nagasaka, The 87th Annual Meeting of the Japan Sociological Society, 2014/11/20, Without Invitation, Kobe University, Japan
  8. Ti akem ti sao nga Ilokano iti aramidko a panagsukisok ken profesinal (The role of the Ilokano language in my research and profession), Nagasaka, Itaru, 1st International Congress of the Ilokano Language, 2014/10/23, With Invitation, Baguio City, Philippines
  9. Understanding mobile childhoods: Children of migrations from the Philippines to Europe, Fresnoza-Flot, A. and I. Nagasaka, XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, 2014/07/15, Without Invitation, Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
  10. Growing up in a transnational social field: Experiences of family separation and reunification of the Filipino 1.5 generation in Italy, Nagasaka, Itaru, Seminar "Midi du CIRFASE: Normes, morales et modèles familiaux et sexuels", 2014/05/22, With Invitation, Catholic University of Louvain (UCL)), Belgium
  11. Experience of (im)mobilities: Lived transnationalism among Filipino 1.5 generations in Italy, Nagasaka, Itaru, Philippine Studies Conference of Japan 2014, 2014/03/01, Without Invitation, Kyoto University, Japan
  12. Growing up in the transnational social field: Experiences of family separation and reunification of Filipino migrant children in Italy., Nagasaka, Itaru, 112th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, 2013/11/20, Without Invitation, Chicago Hilton, USA
  13. Changes in Focus: A Review of Literature on the Filipino Family, Sobritchea, C. and I. Nagasaka, The 54th Annual Meeting of Society for Comparative Family History, 2012/06/17, With Invitation
  14. (Re)making parent-child relations: Experiences of ‘family reunification’ of Filipino children in Italy, Nagasaka, Itaru, International Conference on Children Migrants and Third Culture Kids: Roots and Routes, 2013/06/08, Without Invitation, Jagiellonian University, Poland
  15. Filipino Children on the Move: A Comparative Study on the 1.5-Generation’s Migratory Experiences, Nagasaka, Itaru, 3rd International conference of geographies of children, young people and families, 2012/07/11, Without Invitation, National University of Singapore
  16. Childhood and Negotiated Family Relationships in Migration: The Case of the 1.5-Generation Filipinos in France, Fresnoza-Flot, A and I. Nagasaka, Conference of Multiple Childhoods/Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 2011/05/20, Without Invitation, Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey, USA
  17. Filipino Migration to Rome: Past and Present, Nagasaka, Itaru, Incontri Interculturali: Approfondire sul Campo L’Esperienza dei Migranti, 2011/03/21, With Invitation, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
  18. On 1.5-Generation Filipinos: Theoretical and Empirical Issues, Nagasaka, Itaru, Philippine Studies Conference in Japan, 2010/11/14, Without Invitation, Tsukuba City, Japan

Social Activities

Organizing Academic Conferences, etc.

  1. The Second Philippines Studies Conference of Japan, Organizing Committee, 2010/11
  2. The 46th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology, Organizing Committee, 2012/06
  3. The 19th Young Scholars' Conference on Philippine Studies in Japan, Organizing Committee, 2014/06