Katsuo Katayanagi

Last Updated :2024/04/03

Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Associate Professor
I have studied three dimensional structure of protein using X-ray crystallography. The target proteins are from various resources as human, staphylococcus aureus, plant, algae. I am also studying the three dimensional structure of artificial proteins that were made by the aim of molecular evolutions.

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 1986/04/01, 1993/12/31, Protein Engineering Research Institute
  • 1994/01/01, 1996/09/30, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
  • 1996/10/01, 2019/03/31, Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor
  • 2019/04/01, Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Associate Professor

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science, Osaka University
  • Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Fields

  • Biology;Biological Science;Structural biochemistry

Research Keywords

  • relationship of structure and function
  • Protein Crystallography

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2024, Undergraduate Education, First Semester, Special Study for Graduation
  2. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Special Study for Graduation
  3. 2024, Undergraduate Education, 3Term, Biological and Structural Chemistry
  4. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 1Term, Special Lectures in Integrated Sciences for Life
  5. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 1Term, Introduction to Life Science
  6. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Academic Year, Research for Academic Degree Dissertation in Mathematical and Life Sciences
  7. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 1Term, Molecular Biophysics
  8. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Proteomics
  9. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Theory and Experiment of Proteomics
  10. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Topical Seminar in Life Science A
  11. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 4Term, Topical Seminar in Life Science B
  12. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , First Semester, Exercises in Life Science A
  13. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Second Semester, Exercises in Life Science B
  14. 2024, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Special Topics in Synchrotron Radiation Science B

Research Activities

Academic Papers

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Publications such as books

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Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. Structure and function of assimilatory nitrite reductases from tobacco leaf and root., Katsuo Katayanagi, Shogo Nakano, WGC-2015, 2015/11/13, With Invitation, English, Qingtao (PRC)