Shiyuuhei Yamaguchi

Last Updated :2024/06/06

Affiliations, Positions
Training Ship “Toyoshiomaru”
The T&R/V Toyoshio Maru is mainly used for education and academic research of undergraduate students of the Faculty of Applied Biological Science and postgraduate students of the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University. To pursue these programs, Toyoshio Maru is equipped not only with fishing and sampling gears but also some of the most modern equipment for studying oceanographic conditions. Collaborations with other universities and related institutions within the Seto Inland Sea region are vigorously pursued because there are no universities and institutions other than Hiroshima University, which have vessels of this size to investigate the Seto Inland Sea area. Furthermore, joint international cruises have been conducted every year to promote interactions between Japan and Korea from 1995 to 2016.

Basic Information

Academic Degrees

  • National Fisheries University

Educational Activity

  • [Bachelor Degree Program] School of Applied Biological Science : Department of Applied Biological Science : Integrative Hydrospheric Science Program

Affiliated Academic Societies

  • The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, 2019/04

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2024, Undergraduate Education, 3Term, Seminar in Field Science
  2. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Practical Work in Hydrospheric Field ScienceI
  3. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Field Work on Training Vessel
  4. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Specialized Practical Work in Marine Biology
  5. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Graduation Thesis I
  6. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Seminar in Fildwork on Community Coasts
  7. 2024, Undergraduate Education, Intensive, Practice on tradition and productivity of "Sato Umi"in the Seto Inland Sea