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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life Laboratory of Plant Chromosome and Gene Stock, Professor

Basic Information

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo

Research Fields

  • Agricultural sciences;Plant production and environmental agriculture;Science in genetics and breeding

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2022, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 1Term, Fundamentals of Biology
  2. 2022, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 3Term, Introduction to Biology
  3. 2022, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 2Term, Introductory Seminar for First-Year Students
  4. 2022, Undergraduate Education, 2Term, Advanced Biology
  5. 2022, Undergraduate Education, 2Term, Basic Biological Science B
  6. 2022, Undergraduate Education, First Semester, Special Study for Graduation
  7. 2022, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Special Study for Graduation
  8. 2022, Undergraduate Education, 3Term, GeneticsA
  9. 2022, Undergraduate Education, 1Term, GeneticsB
  10. 2022, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Seminar for Plant Genetic Resources
  11. 2022, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Practice for Fundamental Biology II
  12. 2022, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Practice for Fundamental Biology IV
  13. 2022, Undergraduate Education, First Semester, Practice for Fundamental Biology IV
  14. 2022, Undergraduate Education, Year, Biology Internship
  15. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 1Term, Exercises in Basic Biology A
  16. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Exercises in Basic Biology A
  17. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 3Term, Exercises in Basic Biology B
  18. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 4Term, Exercises in Basic Biology B
  19. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Academic Year, Research for Academic Degree Dissertation in Basic Biology
  20. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 4Term, Integrated reproductive science

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Genetic analysis of chlorophyll synthesis and degradation regulated by BALANCE of CHLOROPHYLL METABOLISM, PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 189(1), 419-432, 20220503
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  3. Functional Divergence of G and Its Homologous Genes for Green Pigmentation in Soybean Seeds, FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 12, 20220105
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  5. Development of PCR markers to detect the glb1 and Lgc1 mutations for the production of low easy-to-digest protein rice varieties, THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, 119(1), 125-130, 200906
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