Last Updated :2022/12/02

放射光科学研究センター 助教
Assistant professor of marine, organic, supramolecular, and polymer chemistry. My research of interest concerned with the synthesis, structural and conformational studies of synthetic organic molecules. In addition, the research involves the structural studies of natural polymers of marine resources using spectroscopic techniques with the possibility of the structure’s modifications for promising applications (environment, medical, industry, etc.). Looking forward to get more descriptive information about the structures of the organic molecules and polymers using the SRCD at UV and VUV regions at the Synchrotron Radiation Center, Hiroshima University.



  • 2020年08月, 2021年04月, National Insutiute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Marine Organic Chemistry, 助教
  • 2019年11月, 2020年07月, Lorraine University, Laboratoire de Chimie-Physique Macromoleculaire, 助教


  • Lorraine University, Organic Chemistry, France, 2013年.9月, 2017年.9月
  • Alexandria university, Inorganic Chemistry, Egypt, 2008年.2月, 2011年.8月
  • Alexandria University, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Egypt, 2003年.9月, 2007年.9月


  • 修士(理学) (Alexandria University)
  • 博士(Operations and Products Engineering) (Lorraine University)



  1. 2022年, 学部専門, 1ターム, グローバル対策セミナーA
  2. 2022年, 学部専門, 3ターム, グローバル対策セミナーB



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