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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2007/04/01, Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Engineering , Research associate
  • 2011/04/01, Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, International Joint Research Collaborators
  • 2011/10/01, 2012/08/01, Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU), Visiting Researcher

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Engineering, Kagoshima University
  • Master of Engineering, Kagoshima University

Research Fields

  • Engineering;Integrated engineering;Naval and maritime engineering

Research Keywords

  • Structural Strength
  • Ships/Offshore Structures/Steel Structure
  • Buckling/Ultimate Strength
  • Fatigue Strength/Fracture Mechanics
  • Stiffened panel/Welded joint/Tubular structure
  • Computational Mechanics/Applied Mechanics
  • Finite Element Method/Meshfree/Particle method/Peridynamics

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2017, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Basic Project in Vehicle and Environmental Systems
  2. 2017, Undergraduate Education, 4Term, Strength of Structures
  3. 2017, Undergraduate Education, First Semester, Experiments in Vehicle and Environmental Systems
  4. 2017, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Year, Transportation and Environmental Systems Seminar II
  5. 2017, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Year, Transportation and Environmental Systems Research I
  6. 2017, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Year, Transportation and Environmental Systems Research II
  7. 2017, Graduate Education (Doctoral Program) , Year, Transportation and Environmental Systems Research III
  8. 2017, Graduate Education (Doctoral Program) , Year, Transportation and Environmental Systems Research IV
  9. 2017, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Year, Transportation and Environmental Systems Seminar I

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Bi-material V-notched SIFs analysis by XFEM and conservative integral approach, Computers & Structures, 2017, Accepted
  2. Finite Element Modeling and Ultimate Strength Evaluation for Cracked Plates, Transactions of The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science, 2017, Accepted
  3. Mixed-mode dynamic stress intensity factors evaluation using ordinary state-based peridynamics, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 2017, Accepted
  4. Evaluation of stress intensity factor for a surface cracked butt welded joint based on real welding residual stress, Ocean Engineering, 2017, Accepted
  5. Buckling analysis of stiffened plate structures by an improved meshfree flat shell formulation, Thin-Walled Structures, 2017, Accepted
  6. Numerical analysis of 3-D solids and composite structures by an enhanced 8-node hexahedral element, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 2017, Accepted
  7. A simple locking-free quasi-3D hyperbolic plate isogeometric formulation for the analysis of functionally graded plates, Composite Part B: Engineering, 2017, Accepted
  8. Meshfree flat-shell formulation for evaluating linear buckling loads and mode shapes of structural plates, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 2017, Accepted
  9. A new cohesive crack-tip symplectic analytical singular element involving plastic zone length for fatigue crack growth prediction under variable amplitude cyclic loading, European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids, 2017, Accepted
  10. An effective meshfree reproducing kernel method for buckling analysis of cylindrical shells with and without cutouts, Computational Mechanics, 2017, Accepted
  11. A simple FSDT-based meshfree method for analysis of functionally graded plates, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 2017, Accepted
  12. Evaluation of crack propagation behaviors in a T-shaped tubular joint employing tetrahedral FE modeling, International Journal of Fatigue, 96, 270-282, 2017,3
  13. Treatment of Dirichlet-type boundary conditions in the spline-based wavelet Galerkin method employing multiple point constraints, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 43, 592-610, 2017,3
  14. Accurate evaluation of mixed-mode intensity factors of cracked shear-deformable plates by an enriched meshfree Galerkin formulation, Archive of Applied Mechanics, 87, 279-298, 2017,2
  15. Three-dimensional adaptive multiscale extended finite element method with displacement extrapolation for simulating straight and curved cracks, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 313, 375-405, 2017,1
  16. In-plane material inhomogeneity of functionally graded plates: A higher-order shear deformation plate isogeometric analysis, Composite Part B: Engineering, 106, 273-284, 2016,12
  17. Finite element seismic response analysis of a reinforced concrete pier with a fractured finite tetrahedron mesh, Journal of Earthquake & Tsunami, 10, 1640013, 2016,12
  18. Dynamic stress intensity factors evaluation employing ordinary state-based peridynamics, Transactions of the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science (JSCES), 20160017, 1-11, 2016,8
  19. J-integral evaluation for 2D mixed-mode crack problems employing a meshfree stabilized conforming nodal integration method, Computational Mechanics, 58, 185-198, 2016,8
  20. Simple method to evaluate ultimate hull girder strength of bulk carrier in alternate heavy loading condition, Journal of Ship Mechanics, 20, 849-857, 2016,7
  21. On the high temperature mechanical behaviors analysis of heated functionally graded plates using FEM and a new third-order shear deformation plate theory, Composite Part B: Engineering, 92, 218-241, 2016,5
  22. NURBS-based isogeometric analysis of buckling and free vibration problems for laminated composites plates with complicated cutouts using a new simple FSDT theory and level set method, Thin-Walled Structures, 101, 141-156, 2016,4
  23. On the thermal buckling analysis of functionally graded plates with internal defects using extended isogeometric analysis, Composite Structures, 136, 684-695, 2016,2
  24. Modeling of plate structures for Galerkin meshfree methods (2nd Report: Geometrical non-linear analysis), Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), 81(831), 1-15, 2015,11
  25. Analysis of dynamic stress concentration problems employing spline-based wavelet Galerkin method, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 58, 129-139, 2015,9
  26. Analysis of cracked shear deformable plates by an effective meshfree plate formulation, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 144, 142-157, 2015,8
  27. An extended wavelet Galerkin method with a high-order B-spline for 2D crack problems, Acta Mechanica, 226, 2159-2175, 2015,7
  28. Reduced integral scheme of damaged divided back stress elasto plastic model based on full implicit algorithm, Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), 81(825), 1-14, 2015,5
  29. Simulation on progressive collaopse behavior of whole ship model under extreme waves using idealized structure unit method, Marine Structures, 39, 315-334, 2015,1
  30. Study on crack propagation simulation of surface crack in welded joint structure, Marine Structures, 39, 315-334, 2014,12
  31. Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics analysis using wavelet Galerkin method, Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), 80(819), 1-13, 2014,11
  32. Voxel solid-fluid interaction analysis including free and moving boundary, Transactions of the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science (JSCES), 20140011, 1-10, 2014,9
  33. Buckling analysis of plate with an initial imperfection using RKPM based on convected coordinate system, Journal of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE), 19, 169-178, 2014,6
  34. Evaluation of ultimate strength of stiffened panels under longitudinal thrust, Marine Structures, 36, 21-50, 2014,4
  35. Elastic large deflection analysis of plates subjected uni-axial thrust using meshfree Mindlin-Reissner formulation, Computational Mechanics, 52, 1313-1330, 2013,12
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  40. Nonlinear thin-plate bending analyses using Hermite reproducing kernel approximation, International Journal of Computational Methods, 9, 1240012, 2012,3
  41. Large deflection analysis for thin-plate using the Hermite Reproducing Kernel (HRK) approximation, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Japan, 60, 205-214, 2012,1
  42. On the linear dependencies of interpolation functions in s-version finite element method, Journal of Computational Science and Technology, 3, 124-135, 2009,1
  43. An adaptive wavelet finite element method with high-order B-spline basis functions, Key Engineering Materials, 345-346, 877-880, 2007,8
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  45. Analysis of dispersed particle motion for forming gradient structure in the rotating drum, International Journal of Transport Phenomena, 7, 23-30, 2005
  46. Experimental and theoretical study on suspended particle motion in axially rotating drum, International Journal of Transport Phenomena, 6, 189-195, 2004


  1. 2017年, Phoenix Outstanding Researcher Award, Hiroshima University

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  6. KAKENHI, Buckling/Post-buckling analysis of stiffened plate structure using particle method, 2012
  7. KAKENHI, 2011, 2014
  8. KAKENHI, Collapse Analysis of ship structure under extreme sea states, 2009, 2011
  9. KAKENHI, 2007, 2008
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