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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Assistant Professor
Other Contact Details
TEL : (+81)82-424-6588 FAX : (+81)82-424-7047

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2015/04/01, 2018/03/31, Hiroshima University, JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)
  • 2018/04/01, 2019/03/31, Hiroshima University, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Assistant professor

Educational Backgrounds

  • Hiroshima University, Faculty of Engineering, Japan, 2009/04, 2013/03
  • Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Japan, 2013/04, 2015/03
  • Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Japan, 2015/04, 2018/03

Academic Degrees

  • Hiroshima University
  • Hiroshima University

Affiliated Academic Societies

  • Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
  • The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
  • Japan Society for Environmental Biotechnology

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 4Term, Technical English
  2. 2023, Undergraduate Education, First Semester, Training of Biotechnology I
  3. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Academic Year, Seminar in Biotechnology
  4. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 1Term, Exercises in Biotechnology A
  5. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 2Term, Exercises in Biotechnology A
  6. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 3Term, Exercises in Biotechnology B
  7. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 4Term, Exercises in Biotechnology B
  8. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , Academic Year, Research for Academic Degree Dissertation in Biotechnology

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. ★, Identification of the mcpA and mcpM genes, encoding methyl-accepting proteins involved in amino acid and L-malate chemotaxis, and involvement of McpM-mediated chemotaxis in plant infection by Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum (formerly Ralstonia solanacearum phylotypes I and III), Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81(21), 7420-7430, 201511
  2. ★, Identification of boric acid as a novel chemoattractant and elucidation of its chemoreceptor in Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum Ps29, Scientific reports, 7, 8609, 201708
  3. Identification and characterization of chemosensors for D-malate, unnatural enantiomer of malate, in Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum, Microbiology, 163(2), 233-242, 201703
  4. Negative chemotaxis of Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum to maleate and identification of the maleate chemosensory protein, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, 124(6), 647-652, 201712
  5. Involvement of many chemotaxis sensors in negative chemotaxis to ethanol in Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum Ps29, Microbiology, 163(12), 1880-1889, 201712
  6. High-Affinity Chemotaxis to Histamine Mediated by the TlpQ Chemoreceptor of the Human Pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MBIO, 9(6), 2018
  7. Two citrate chemoreceptors involved in chemotaxis to citrate and/or citrate-metal complexes in Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum, Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, 127(2), 169-175, 2019
  8. Accelerating itaconic acid production by increasing membrane permeability of whole-cell biocatalyst based on a psychrophilic bacterium Shewanella livingstonensis Ac10, JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 312, 56-62, 20200320
  9. Characterization of methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins (MCPs) for amino acids in plant-growth-promoting rhizobacterium Pseudomonas protegens CHA0 and enhancement of amino acid chemotaxis by MCP genes overexpression, Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, 202005
  10. Efficient production of 1,3-propanediol by psychrophile-based simple biocatalysts in Shewanella livingstonensis Ac10 and Shewanella frigidimarina DSM 12253, JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 323, 293-301, 20201110
  11. ★, Chemotactic disruption as a method to control bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum, BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 85(3), 697-702, 20210224
  12. Psychrophile-based simple biocatalysts for effective coproduction of 3-hydroxypropionic acid and 1,3-propanediol, BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 85(3), 728-738, 20210224


  1. 2020/07, Reseach Encouragement Award for Young Scientists
  2. 2014/12/09, Excellent Student Award, Nishi-Nihon Branch of the Society for Biotechnology, Japan
  3. 2015/10/26, Excellent Student Award, The Society for Biotechnology, Japan