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Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Assistant Professor
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Synthesizing novel molecules, I construct artificial cells or life to explore universal answers to the questions of "origin of life" and "what is life?" from the perspective of supramolecular chemistry.

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2019/04/01, 2020/03/31, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, EcCELLS, Project Researcher
  • 2019/04/01, 2020/03/31, The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Researcher

Academic Degrees

  • M.D., The University of Tokyo
  • Ph. D., The University of Tokyo

Research Fields

  • Chemistry;Applied chemistry;Functional solid state chemistry
  • Complex systems;Biomolecular science;Biomolecular chemistry
  • Mathematical and physical sciences;Physics;Biological physics / Chemical physics / Soft matter physics
  • Mathematical and physical sciences;Earth and planetary science;Stratigraphy / Paleontology

Research Keywords

  • Origins of life / Droplet world hypothesis on the origin of life / Coacervate / Protocells / Artificial life (Alife) / Artificial cell / Active matter / Self-organization / Self-reproduction / Physical autocatalysis

Affiliated Academic Societies

  • The Chemical Society of Japan / The Biophysical Society of Japan / Japan Society for Molecular Science

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2022, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 1Term, Introductory Seminar for First-Year Students
  2. 2022, Undergraduate Education, 4Term, Advanced Chemistry
  3. 2022, Undergraduate Education, First Semester, Chemical Experiments I
  4. 2022, Undergraduate Education, Second Semester, Chemical Experiments II
  5. 2022, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 1Term, Introduction to Life Science

Research Activities

Academic Papers

  1. Multidimensional Self-Propelled Motion Based on Nonlinear Science, Frontiers in Physics, 10, 854892, 20220308
  2. Masking of a Malodorous Substance on 1,2-Dioleoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphocholine Molecular Layer, Colloids and Surfaces A, 634, 128045, 20220205
  3. Colocalization Analysis of Lipo-Deoxyribozyme Consisting of DNA and Protic Catalysts in a Vesicle-Based Protocellular Membrane Investigated by Confocal Microscopy, Life, 11(12), 1364, 20211208
  4. Self-Propelled Motion Sensitive to the Chemical Structure of Amphiphilic Molecular Layer on an Aqueous Phase, Membranes, 11(11), 885, 20211117
  5. ★, Proliferating Coacervate Droplets as the Missing Link between Chemistry and Biology in the Origins of Life, Nature Communications, 12, 1-18, 20210924
  6. Alternate Route Selection of Self-Propelled Filter Papers Impregnated with Camphor for Two-Branched Water Channels, Langmuir, 37(23), 7039-7042, 20210615
  7. ★, Environment-sensitive Intelligent Self-reproducing Artificial Cell with a Modification-active Lipo-deoxyribozyme, Micromachines, 11, 1-18, 2020
  8. Physicochemical Cause and Effect Observed in DNA Length-Dependent Division of Protocell as the Primitive Flow of Information, Clinical & Medical Biochemistry, 6(3), 1-5, 2020
  9. Morphological Changes of Kinetically Trapped Tubular Vesicles Driven by the Production of Synthetic Phospholipids in a Vesicular Membrane, Chemistry Letters, 48(8), 932-935, 2019
  10. ★, DNA Length-dependent Division of a Giant Vesicle-based Model Protocell, Scientific Reports, 9, 1-11, 2019
  11. ★, A Sustainable Self-reproducing Liposome Consisting of a Synthetic Phospholipid, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 222, 1-7, 2019
  12. Synthetic Approach to Biomolecular Science by Cyborg Supramolecular Chemistry, Biochim. Biophys. Acta -General Subjects, 1862(2), 358-364, 2018
  13. A Recursive Vesicle-based Model Protocell with a Primitive Model Cell Cycle, Nature Communications, 6, 1-12, 2015
  14. Micrometer-sized Network Structure of Novel DNA-lipid Conjugates Induced by Heat Stimulation, Soft Matter, 11(35), 7053-7058, 2015

Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. Life of Autonomous Droplet, Muneyuki MATSUO, 10th Life in the Universe Workshop, 2022/02/18, With Invitation, English, Astrobiology Center
  2. Self-oscillating propulsion of chemically active droplet, Muneyuki Matsuo, Active Matter Workshop 2022, 2022/01/29, With Invitation, English, MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center Meiji University "Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications" (CMMA), Online
  3. Synthesizing Life based on physical autocatalysis, Muneyuki Matsuo, ExCELLS Seminar, 2021/12/14, With Invitation, Japanese
  4. Proliferating peptide droplet, Muneyuki Matsuo, 2nd Chem Salon 2021, 2021/12/06, With Invitation, Japanese, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University
  5. Chemical Approach for Artificial Life, Muneyuki Matsuo, 26th HiPSI seminar, Hiroshima University, The Research Core for Plant Science Innovation, 2021/11/16, With Invitation, Japanese, The Research Core for Plant Science Innovation
  6. Self-oscillations of a Novel Droplet Swimmer, Muneyuki Matsuo, Poland-Japan symposium on spatio-temporal self-organization, 2021/10/06, With Invitation, English, Poland-Japan Bilateral Programs (PAN-JSPS)
  7. Versatile Self-propelled Motion of L-Menthyl Acetate Droplet via Autocatalysis, Muneyuki Matsuo, Satoshi Nakata, The 72nd Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, 2021/09/15, Without Invitation, Japanese
  8. -Young Scholar Lecture- Droplet World Hypothesis: Approaching the Origins of Life via Supramolecular Chemistry, Muneyuki Matsuo, The 101st CSJ Annual Meeting, 2021/03/21, With Invitation, Japanese
  9. A proliferating coacervate droplet as a prebiotic pattern in the origin of life, Muneyuki Matsuo, Workshop on self-organization and active motion 2020, 2020/09/29, With Invitation, English
  10. Selective procession of camphor boats on Y-shaped channel, Takero Matsufuji, Satoshi Nakata, Muneyuki Matsuo, The 71st Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, 2020/09/14, Without Invitation, Japanese


  1. 2021/10/06, Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist, The 72nd Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  2. 2021/03/22, Special Lecture, The Chemical Society of Japan
  3. 2020, BIOTECH Grand Prize (KYOWA KIRIN Award), Leave a Nest
  4. 2020, Hiroshima University Incentive award, Hiroshima University
  5. 2020, Wakashachi Incentive Award, Aichi Prefecture
  6. 2020, Best World Poster Award for The 2nd ExCELLS Retreat for Young Scientists, ExCELLS
  7. 2016, The Microtech Award, Leave a Nest
  8. 2016, Best Poster Award, Synergy of Fluctuation and Structure, 2nd Workshop for Young Researchers
  9. 2015, Honorable Award of the Department of Multi-Disciplinary Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  10. 2014, Best Poster Award, The Japan Society of Molecular Science

External Funds

Acceptance Results of Competitive Funds

  1. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Proliferating Active Matter based on Physical Autocatalysis, 2022, 2025
  2. Astrobiology Center, Project reseach, Universal Origins of Life with Proliferating Phase-Separated Droplets, 2021, 2022
  3. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Integration of Hypotheses on the Origin of Life with Proliferating Droplets, 2020, 2021
  4. The 30th Research Grant, Approaching the Origin of Life with Supramolecular Chemistry; Construction of a Proliferating Coacervate Droplet, 2020, 2021
  5. Grant for Sciences and Future, Self-proliferating peptide-based droplet applicable to novel DDS carriers
  6. ExCELLS, ExCELLS Grant 2019 for Young Scientists, Emergence of Evolvable Protocell with Cooperation between a Sustainable Self-reproducing Liposome and Recursive DNA Replication
  7. Innovations Inspired by Nature Research Support Program, Development of Self-organizing Soft Materials Inspired from Intracellular Liquid-liquid Phase Separation, 2019, 2020
  8. Leave a Nest, 31st Leave a Nest Grant as the Microtech Award (2016-2017)
  9. Research Grants of The University of Tokyo (2017), Demonstration of Droplet World Hypothesis on the Origin of Life
  10. Research Grants of The University of Tokyo (2016), Population analysis of GV-based model protocell by flowcytometry
  11. Research Grants of The University of Tokyo (2015), The Construction of Evolution System in Vesicle-based Protocell