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Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center, Associate Professor (Special Appointment)
Facilities to accelerate particle beams are necessary for the experiments of high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation. The accelerators are composed of precise systems; magnets to control the beam orbit and beam size, accelerator cavities to accelerate the beams, and vacuum chambers to transport the beams, etc. There are several kinds of beams such as electrons, positrons, and protons. Hiroshima University has an electron storage ring accelerator for synchrotron radiation. For high intensity and high brilliant light sources, the finely focused electron beams should be stably circulated in the storage ring. My major works are layout design of the accelerator components and beam tracking simulation.

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  • University of Tsukuba

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  1. KEK and HiSOR joint seminar, KEK and HiSOR, 2020/01/31, 2020/01/31, HiSOR 2F Seminar room, Lecturer, Seminar or workshop, Researchesrs