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Affiliations, Positions
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate Professor
Study of a chrono-nutrition and chrono-exercise from a view of the human circadian system. Study on estimating the daily energy expenditure of firefighters required to carry out high-load activities in disaster and the effects of the evacuees' sleeping environment on sleep quality. Recently, a study on the effects of the three components of health on physical and mental health, as well as a study on supporting women's healths.

Basic Information

Major Professional Backgrounds

  • 2008/04/01, 2011/03/31, The university of Tokyo, Graduate school of education, JSPS Research Fellow
  • 2011/04/01, 2013/12/31, University of Tsukuba, Faculty of health and sport sciences, Research assistant professor
  • 2014/01/01, 2016/08/31, University of Tsukuba, Faculty of health and sport sciences, JSPS Research Fellow
  • 2016/09/01, 2019/03/31, Hiroshima University, Graduate school of integrated arts and sciences, Assistant Professor
  • 2019/04/01, 2020/03/31, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor
  • 2020/04/01, Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate Professor

Educational Backgrounds

  • University of Tsukuba, 2005/04, 2007/03
  • University of Tuskuba, 2003/04, 2005/03
  • University of Tsukuba, 1999/04, 2003/03

Academic Degrees

  • University of Tsukuba
  • University of Tsukuba

Educational Activity

  • [Bachelor Degree Program] School of Integrated Arts and Sciences : Department of Integrated Arts and Sciences : Integrated Arts and Sciences
  • [Master's Program] Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences : Division of Humanities and Social Sciences : Integrated Arts and Human Sciences Program
  • [Doctoral Program] Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences : Division of Humanities and Social Sciences : Integrated Arts and Human Sciences Program

Research Fields

  • Complex systems;Health / Sports science;Sports science

Affiliated Academic Societies

  • Japanese society of physical fitness and sports medicine, Japan society of nutrition and food science, The Japanese society of sleep research, Japan Society of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences, Japan Chrono-nutrition Research Society(JCRS), Japan Disaster Food Society, The Japan Society of Sleep and Environments

Educational Activity

Course in Charge

  1. 2023, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 1Term, Practicum in SportsA
  2. 2023, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 2Term, Practicum in SportsA
  3. 2023, Liberal Arts Education Program1, 3Term, Practicum in SportsA
  4. 2023, Liberal Arts Education Program1, Intensive, Practicum in SportsA
  5. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 2Term, Experimental methodsIn Sport and Health Sciences B
  6. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 2Term, Laboratory Work in Sport and Health Sciences B
  7. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 3Term, SeminarIn Sport and Health Sciences C
  8. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 4Term, Sports Nutrition
  9. 2023, Undergraduate Education, 1Term, Introductory Lectures of Human Movement Sciences II
  10. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 3Term, Science History for Humanities and Social Sciences
  11. 2023, Graduate Education (Master's Program) , 3Term, Physiology and Biochemistry of Exercise

Research Activities

Academic Papers

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  2. Delayed Eating Schedule Raises Mean Glucose Levels in Young Adult Males: a Randomized Controlled Cross-Over Trial, JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, 153(4), 1029-1037, 202304
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Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation

  1. Relationship of children's physical activity and school meals-focusing on school hours-, Rikako Yoshitake, Masami Suzuki, Hisashi Nagayama, Nao Koizumi, Satoko Ozawa, Hitomi Ogata, Naomi Omi, 9th International conference on nutrition & Growth 2022., 2022/03, Without Invitation, English
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